Established in 1979, UNCO Steel Industries has emerged as one of the most successful company among the pipe fitting Industries of India. Manufacturing & Exporting Heavy Pipe Fittings with Brand name "UNCO", the company is the worldwide leader in Quality Pipe Fittings.  

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  UNCO Steel Industries

Vill. Nizamdinpur, Pathankot Road, Jalandhar-144303 Punjab-INDIA
    Equipped with latest machinery, highly qualified & engineers, UNCO Heavy Pipe Fittings, are manufactured under strict Quality control with rigid inspections throughout the process, which is being maintained by company's advanced technology, well trained engineers & complete testing facilities.

All these factors lead us to enjoy a distinctive reputation among our customers. Thus,
UNCO stands apart, with a fast growing sales network through our stockists all over India. This is, perhaps the only reason why professionals over the years made UNCO their home ground.

Specification / Characteristics

Specified Zinc with 100% purity.
Inspection of material before use with written Report
Black- heart malleable cast iron as per IS: 14329-1995 Grade BM 300


In accordance & Conforming to provisions laid down by Indian Standard Specifications (ISS)


Perfect and Specified (Conforming to IS: 554-1999) and desired alignment.


Conforming to provisions mentioned in IS: 4759-1996.

Technical Features

Hardness Test to avoid breakage.
Annealing Furnace temperatures recordings for maintaining rigid ness.
Sampling test at Mechanical stage.
Composition / Specification Test (Physically / Chemically)

Raw Material Testing

To maintain Quality at every step necessary tests are performed personally prior to the melting. Raw material such as Pig- Iron, Steel and Zinc etc., is analysed for satisfactory composition.

Apart from the above, we believe in setting standards in quality and assurance of services with latest technology, fully-equipped Testing labs and Trained engineers.

Visual Inspection

Raw castings are inspected to avoid any defects as blow holes, hard sports, shift and sand depths.

Annealed castings are inspected for cracks and distortion.

Galvanised casting are inspected to ensure that zinc coating is smooth and free from any black and acid sports.

Machined fittings are inspected for any such defects on the threaded portion as thin threads, break threads and pin holes.

Sampling Inspection

UNCO Brand Pipe Fittings are tested by suitable instruments like thread gauges, micro-metres and gauges for alignment and overall dimensions and wall thickness.

Working Pressures

UNCO Brand Pipe Fittings are tested for leakage at an internal hydraulic pressure of 20 kgf/cm
2. The maximum working pressure for water is 20kgf/cm2 and for oil, steam, gas, air, it is 11kgf/cm2.
Mechanical Test

Various types of tests are done in our production process as under:

1. To ensure that UNCO Brand Pipe Fittings are properly annealed, we carry
    out malleability test.

2. To ensure that heat treatment is proper, we carryout tensile strength

3. To avoid leakage of UNCO Brand Pipe Fittings, the products is subjected
    to given internal pressure and test is carried out.

Technical Specifications/ Comparisons:

UNCO Brand Pipe Fittings when compared to various standard specification give better results as shown in comparative table specifications:



UNCO Guarantees the Quality of every Product produced by it!






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